Monday, March 10, 2008

Week 9, Thing #22, E books & Audio Books

I feel like I already know about e books and audio books. I started a collection of audio books when I came to this library 5 years ago, and I have been adding to that collction ever since. It is used primarily by Special Ed teachers and students, but I have them out on display in the library and they do circulate to the whole school. Kids will occasionally check them out and so do parents, particularly before vacations. They like to have them in the car during road trips. I have one teacher who also is a good customer of these books. She brings her reluctant readers and helps them pick out an ebook and a matching print book. She claims it helps them with reading when they can read and listen to the text simultaneously. I think it is a great format for a variety of kids. I have also just ordered some MP3 books and am anxious to see how those are received. I haven't done as much with e books, but will be keeping an eye on adding some of them to the collection as well.

What I learned from this exercise is how much free stuff is out there! I had no idea. There are kinds of places to look for materials. I liked the idea from LibriBox about creating a collection from the public domain using volunteers. I also noticed that Library Thing is among the many sites with free books available. I will have to keep using these sites to build up my collection.


School Library Learning 2.0 Team said...

Yes, keep using and checking all these sites. They all keep growing -- as we all are growing in our web 2.0 knowledge.

You are close to the finish line!

Becca said...

Some of our schools have started developing their playaway collections, so that the device is only usable for the audiobook (as opposed to also for music). I hope your mp3 adventure goes well!